Individual Professional Development

Whether you want to prepare for your next big career move, or you just want to excel in your current position, you can tap into our personalized, pragmatic professional development programs. Learning opportunities are customized to your specific needs. Sessions are delivered at our training facilities in the Talon Business Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, or can be delivered onsite at your location. Programs include:

  • Practice Builder: Grow your practice by working one-on-one with a business coach to analyze your market and customer base, to create a customized written action plan, and to implement tactics that will that will directly impact your business.
  • Client Builder: See dramatic improvements in your client relationships by understanding you clients' preferences, personal needs and motivations. Work one-on-one with an experienced business coach to develop a customized plan of action and a plan for accountability.
  • Insights Personal Effectiveness: See an immediate improvement in your interpersonal relationships by participating in the memorable, fun and fascinating program. Gain insights into how you can positively impact team and organizational dynamics.
  • Judicial Interview Preparation: Our professional development coach will give you invaluable insight into the questions that you might face, the qualities and characteristics that you want to make sure you possess, and the communications skills that you need to succeed in the judicial interview process. Participants in this program will go into the process feeling prepared, confident and judicial.
  • Resilient Leader or Emerging Leader: Executives and professionals who want to achieve even higher levels of success will learn leadership and communication skills that will improve their personal effectiveness.
  • Presentation Plus: Expand your presentation skills and increase your impact as a persuasive speaker through a series of one-on-one coaching sessions that will teach you how connect with, inform and influence your audience. A customized course can include speech writing, PowerPoint creation and video-taped practice sessions.
Find the Learning Opportunity that is Right For You

Contact us at Talon Performance Group to find out how we can help you to enhance your career. Call our office in Minneapolis, Minnesota at 612.827.5165 or toll free at 877.827.5165.

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Challenge: When an opportunity to advance presents itself, will you know about it - and will you be ready?

Solution: At Talon, we don't rest until we've explored every avenue to help you excel and achieve your dream job. The breadth and depth of programs and workshops available will have candidates polished and more competitive than ever.

'Talon helped me find the right employer where I could make my mark. I used their professional development offerings to enhance my reputation even further.'

- Name withheld, Minneapolis, MN

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