Programs for Entire Organizations

Talon Performance Group gets to know your organizational culture. From Talon's cultural discovery profile assessment, we help you create alignment of your overall vision, strategic business goals, objectives and strategies at the values level. We develop specific programs based on your organization's needs, from seminars to keynote speaker topics.

Talon Enhances Cultural Strengths

The mission, culture and values your organization effuses colors how people act and react in your workplace. We help you identify and understand the unique strengths of your organization's culture and personality. Organizational development programs and strategies are designed by Talon to capitalize on these strengths. These strategies are based on success factors inherent in high-performing organizations, including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Decision making
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Valuing differences
  • Problem solving, and
  • Clear roles and responsibilities
Our development programs work in tandem with your overall vision to support your vision and cultural strengths. We monitor and track the progress of your development plan in order to measure the impact and make ongoing enhancements.

Contact us at Talon Performance Group to learn more about how we can increase the performance of people and your organization. Call our office in Minneapolis, Minnesota at 612.827.5165 or toll free at 877.827.5165.

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Challenge: The risk of diminished organizational performance based on the lack of focused development.

Solution: Talon's custom professional development programming creates the focused, high-functioning environment that leads to your organization's success.

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