At Talon Performance Group, we understand the time, expense and energy it takes to attract the right top talent. You need that talent to stay competetive so that your organization can be nimble and responsive to changing demands of the marketplace. Talon offers transformational solutions specifically tailored for you. We dedicate our time and resources to find the right talent, then train you to retain and advance that talent within your organization. We base our actions on producing results and on our core values:

  • Respect - Open and honest communication, ethical and trustworthy actions, thoughtfulness, appreciation, courageousness and fairness - these concepts come to mind every time a Talon expert interacts with a client.
  • Relationships - Talon does not leave the process once an offer is made or a coach has started the development process. We form enduring relationships, connecting with people and organizations continually. Our follow-through tracks progress and identifies opportunities. We are fun, professional and seriously dedicated to you.
  • Responsibility - Talon recruiters and leadership coaches have a stake in your outcome. We work relentlessly to meet and exceed client expectations. We recognize our role as a confidante.
  • Resourcefulness - We open doors. Our recuiters and leadership coaches are driven to help you succeed. Our solution-oriented approach and "can do" positive attitude creates meaningful results. Investing in your people is a resourceful and cost-effective method with measurable ROI.

Community Involvement

At Talon, we support local and national non-profits and associations that make a commitment to the community and the legal profession. Over the years, we have supported organizations such as Hope Chest for Breat Cancer(R), the Dignity Center and Meals on Wheels.

Contact us at Talon Performance Group to find out how we can help you to attract and retain the best legal talent. Call our office in Minneapolis, Minnesota at 612.827.5165 or toll free at 877.827.5165.

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