Retaining your Key Talent

Retaining remarkable talent is crucial to your organization's performance. Retention is an essential building block to your organization's ongoing prosperity. It can amplify your investments in the selection and development of top talent.

Retention Analysis

Talon Performance Group can guide your organization's retention analysis to ensure you retain those core professionals deemed to be most valuable. Professional development provides opportunities to inspire their commitment and increase job satisfaction. Retention management analysis is based on your organization's turnover. Talon Performance Group will investigate reasons for leaving, costs of turnover and benefits of turnover. Types of turnover, such as voluntary, employee discharge and downsizing will be examined. We look for insights into the organization's vision, culture, hiring strategies, training strategies, compensation packages, and more. With this retention management intelligence in hand, you are able to make smart decisions. Talon Performance Group focuses on retention initiatives in three areas:

  • Enhancing retention by reducing voluntary turnover
  • Reducing the incidence of employee discharge
  • Responding to downsizing challenges
Contact us at Talon Performance Group to learn more about retention strategies that will benefit your entire firm. Call our office in Minneapolis, Minnesota at 612.827.5165 or toll free at 877.827.5165.

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Challenge: Legal professionals are on the move, seeking faster career advancement and greater job satisfaction.

Solution: Talon can remedy retention issues with selection and development strategies that effectively inspire exceptional legal professionals to stay.

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