Team iconFor individuals, finding the right fit and the right ecosystem can be a challenge. Whether you are desiring a shift within a current career, or a new one entirely, we’re here to help.

We provide the support to get you where you want to be – with actions from where you are.

Specifically, we provide tailored performance coaching and training, including:

  • Personal path-finding & next stage coaching: You have achieved and aren’t ready to be done, what’s next?
  • Life/work integration: Looking to find your passion? Desire success, but with a full life?
  • Career advancement: Need leadership development, emerging leaders, emotional intelligence training, or business development training?
  • Recruiting: Need ‘rockstar’ paperwork, executive interview preparation, career navigation, how to network, or how to find your next job?
  • Executive transition/outplacement: Ready to make your next big move?

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Success Illustration: Preparing for a Perfect Interview

TALON was introduced to individual who had interviewed for a judicial seat three separate times, but had not been awarded the position. While the individual was more than qualified, a successful interview proved challenging.

TALON prepared this candidate with the tools and resources for both interview preparation (covering all potential scenarios) and formal presentation.

After partnering with TALON, this individual interviewed with the confidence that allowed their qualification to shine – they are now sitting on the bench in a black robe!

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