Brainstorm iconWe work with you to align your unique business ecosystem, ensuring the right people are in the right role, doing the right things.

Whether you are an owner-operator, department lead, or CEO, you understand the importance of maximizing the potential of your talent and resources.

Through our Talent Alignment Process (TAP) we partner to strategically align your team for scalability, efficiency, and realization of your goals.  

TAP is set of proven tools that help us uncover and engage the greatest resource – your people.

Services we offer include:

Success Illustration: Aligning to Attract Talent

A law firm wanted to attract a partner with a full practice.  TALON conducted a situational analysis and determined they needed work on accountability, process, and internal communication.

The partnership included two leadership working sessions and subsequent development training over six months. This firm aligned their vision and values, created accountability and expectations for internal roles, defined internal process and work flow, created a lawyer business development training schedule, and integrated a communication system.

After integrating their new systems, TALON searched and identified a partner with a portable practice and the offer was accepted. The firm enhanced their real estate practice with this hire while supporting their overall firm business plan.

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