What makes us different?
We’re a team of experts providing practical solutions with unmatched cheer.

At TALON, we’re about finding out what makes you tick, or your business boom. We take time to understand your goals and apply our experience and practical solutions to create REAL results. No gimmicks or recycled strategies. No matter what your role is in the business ecosystem, we help you find and ignite your power with a plan that makes sense.

Jodi Standke

Founded by industry-recognized leader, Jodi Standke, TALON has grown from providing exceptional legal talent management to covering the complete spectrum of talent alignment solutions. Through Jodi’s inspirational leadership and commitment to excellence, TALON has grown and changed over the years to accelerate careers and grow businesses.

Our mission is simple: Deliver success by uncovering and engaging the power within people.


Our partnerships
While our engagements span nearly every industry, we’ve worked extensively in legal, financial, healthcare, technology, architecture, engineering, medical device, compliance, and more.

800 Legal industry clients1600 Engagements
18+ Unique industries 200 Trainings delivered

We believe that great partnerships start with shared values. We build every one of our client relationships on a foundation of:

Respect: we provide open and honest communication, ethical and trustworthy actions, thoughtfulness, appreciation, courageousness and fairness.

Endurance: we work together through the entire process, tracking progress and identifying opportunities. We are fun, professional and seriously dedicated to you.

Responsibility: we have a stake in your results. We work relentlessly to meet your expectations and proactively strive to exceed them.

Giving back is in our hearts
We’re not only proud to help out clients succeed, we work to support local and national non-profits and associations to succeed as well. Over the years, we have supported organizations such as Hope Chest for Breast Cancer®, the Dignity Center, Meals on Wheels, Domestic Abuse Project, WATCH, and the Minnesota Zoo.