TALON balances business ecosystems.
What does that mean?

In short, it’s the central idea of bringing to the surface the roles, expectations, and authority of people to make the business move.

Just like nature’s ecosystems, in the business ecosystem: everyone and everything counts. Everyone has a role and responsibilities that cooperate and synergize with others to achieve common goals. If something in the ecosystem is out of balance, it affects everything. 

Balancing your ecosystem means looking not just at a problem, but at the entire picture and uncovering the potential that ignites ideas and creates meaningful change.

Questioning your balance?

How do we encourage creativity and enhance performance in our people? How can we get everyone pulling in the same direction?How can I advance my emotional intelligence to increase my effectiveness? 
How do we recruit and retain top talent? How do we best utilize everyone’s talents?How can I integrate my life and my career?